Guide for a successful payroll implementation

A good plan becomes the roadmap of an idea or strategy, guiding it from conceptualization to launch and maintenance. After your Employee Central Payroll system has been provisioned by SAP SuccessFactors, the first step is to get the latest support packages added. You can do this by raising a ticket in SAP One Support Launchpad or through the payroll system information screen in SuccessFactors — where you can also review the support packages.

When pay is incorrect or late, employees and unions can react badly and disrupt things in retaliation. Also, employees can become disengaged if they think you can’t get the basics right, such as their pay. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that your system works properly from day one. Following this, your team will need to start collating any data required to ensure that your outsourced payroll partner has everything they need to progress.

  1. While these 5 key steps to successful implementation are the essential backbone of outsourcing to a new payroll service provider, the true secret to an effective roll-out lies within open communication.
  2. Although it’s not a critical aspect, it is important to define the right scope for your project ahead of signing a statement of work (SOW) with the implementation partner.
  3. It outlines all the steps, tasks, resources, and timelines needed to make your project a success.
  4. With the right payroll solutions provider and taking the proper steps, it is easy to overcome the challenges faced in payroll implementation.

Whether through our own checks or with external help, it’s key to spot and fix these problems before making the big move. As a corporation that is expanding, you must opt for digital and automated processes. This is particularly useful for larger corporations or multinationals since you ensure your new process is handled perfectly. This IDP focuses on the bidirectional integration aspects of identities between SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft Active Directory(MS AD) and Microsoft Azure Active Directory(MS Azure AD).


Everything is readily available on the ClickUp platform, meaning team members can update their task status from any device and keep everyone informed—no matter where they might be working. The ClickUp Implementation Plan for Simple, Complex, and Enterprise Teams Template is another excellent option for planning your next big project. It is fairly common for Payroll Control Center to be excluded from an SOW, so be sure to include it.

However, it’s vital to remember that its success hinges on the level of commitment you can provide. Remember, it’s more important to get it right so everyone gets paid correctly than just rushing to meet a deadline. Success isn’t just about speed; it’s about dedication and making sure everything is payroll implementation plan spot-on. Once a project kicks off, Jemini dives into what we call “Discovery Workshops”, which are all about understanding the intricacies of your business. Instead of merely relying on a brief or an RFP, vendors visit on-site to deeply explore and document the specific needs your company has.

Payroll System Goes Live

This template has several built-in features that allow for easily keeping track of a Payroll system implementation. Your company is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of all employee documents. The information is highly confidential and with GDPR and related regulations, the penalties for mishandling the information could be severe. These questions cover some of the variance your company will likely encounter when working in different countries simultaneously. For example, in some countries, pension is part of social security and in another country it will be a benefit on top of social security.

Stronger together, an integrated Payroll & HR system enables businesses to become agile and competitive through gaining a ‘single source of truth’ relating to employee data. Let’s explore the emerging Payroll & HR landscape and the benefits of integration for organisations and their people. At this stage, your team will have the opportunity to review the interface from their new position of understanding.

Any payroll and payments solution you choose should integrate with those to ensure the smoothest process. After ensuring legal compliance and onboarding employees, the next step is to implement a payroll and payments solution. With the growing complexity of payroll at all levels, a manual solution will likely prove untenable.

Choosing a payroll service provider

Your team will have ongoing commitments outside the project, like regular payroll cycles or end-of-month financial responsibilities. It’s imperative to be aware of these and plan project activities around them to ensure no conflicts. Although unpredicted absences, like illness, can’t be forecasted, it’s crucial to be flexible and adaptive. Achieving a three-month launch for a payroll project is doable, depending on size and intricacy.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of requirements, involve the right people from the start. The absence of knowledgeable SMEs can hinder accurate project detailing and miss crucial aspects. Beyond internal clarity, the “Project on a Page” also fosters enhanced collaboration between the company and its vendors. Developing a shared understanding right from the start builds a base of trust and mutual goal-setting, ensuring both parties work together to achieve the project’s goals. However, you should know that by ensuring a smooth onboarding you have higher chances of avoiding issues with your payroll.

Cross-system workflow is a solution that is used to connect processes that span the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP HCM or SAP S4/HANA systems. This document gives detailed guidance on how to setup and configure the cross-system workflow. From there, you can create a Gantt chart with a few clicks and set more realistic deadlines for each milestone.

It’s fair to say that the transition can be a little daunting, without worrying about something going wrong. Before you hand over your payroll responsibilities to an outsourced payroll provider, here’s a quick guide to getting it right. We’ll start by pairing you with a Business Solutions Consultant to lead a discovery phase of your current processes.

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