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We provide tailored business services, from consultations to fundraising, helping you create strategic plans, pitch decks, and financial models, ensuring your path to success.

Time Saved

Our services are not only cost-effective but also time-efficient. We do the job at our earliest opportunity without any compromise on the quality.


Our accounting aficionados are highly focused, which reflects as pinpoint accuracy in numerical and calculations-based work for all the reports and returns.


We keep up with modern times to provide innovative ideas and solutions for your business. We think out of the box to ensure that your business stands out.

An experienced Business analyst. With over 3-years of experience in assisting 100+ companies

Urooba Khan

Founder and Director

About Bnancials

It all started with a young woman, with a profound passion for business. She channeled that passion into keen business studies and research. To further hone her craft and understanding of business, she worked closely with several business experts and played her part in assisting their clients in establishing their businesses.


As soon as she felt ready to go big, she laid the foundation of Bnancials, The Business Accelerators. As intended at the time of formation, the company has successfully upheld the motive of supporting struggling startups and uplifting businesses.


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How We Work?

Discover Our Comprehensive Approach to Success: A Proven and Strategic Process That Sets You on the Path to Excellence



Guiding vision, strategy, and success together.


Planning & Strategy

Crafting tailored plans for lasting success


Execution & Tracking

Implementing, tracking, and achieving success


Growth & Optimization

Optimizing for continuous growth and prosperity.

Meet Our Team Members

Our diverse team blends expertise and creativity, united by a passion for your success. Meet the driving force behind our achievements.

Waleed Ahsan

Financial Consultant & Advisor

Nabeel Afzal

Fundraising Expert and Analyst

Saad Rehman

Fundraising Expert and Analyst

MD. Ismail

Web Developer & Marketing Specialist

We create best ideas for business success

Innovation is at the heart of our approach. We ideate, innovate, and ignite your business success with cutting-edge ideas that propel growth and ensure your competitive edge in the market


Quality works


Successful projects

 We collaborate with businesses of all sizes and industries, from startups to established corporations, providing tailored solutions to suit their unique needs.

Client confidentiality is paramount. We have strict data protection measures in place and sign non-disclosure agreements to safeguard your information.

 Absolutely! We specialize in fundraising consultation, connecting you with potential investors and lenders to help you secure the capital you need for growth.

Our services are distinguished by our commitment to personalized strategies, deep industry expertise, and a proven track record of delivering tangible results for our clients.

Let's Start A Journey To Build Your Success Together!

Step by step, we'll craft innovative strategies, drawing from industry expertise, and unrelenting dedication to unlock your business's potential, ensuring sustainable, enduring success.

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