It all started with a young woman, with a profound passion for business. She channeled that passion into keen business studies and research. To further hone her craft and understanding of business, she worked closely with several business experts and played her part in assisting their clients in establishing their businesses.

As soon as she felt ready to go big, she laid the foundation of Bnancials, The Business Accelerators. As intended at the time of formation, the company has successfully upheld the motive of supporting struggling startups and uplifting businesses.

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We help businesses and startups with business direction, operating and marketing strategies, execution of those strategies, managing projects and workflows, decision-making, and all kinds of business writing and financial services.

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To revolutionize the business world by elevating as many businesses and startups as possible through our sincere efforts toward getting them financed by their dream investors.



We are a professional body comprising 8 members including certified consultants, adept accountants, and proficient legal writers & advisors. All members are geniuses in their respective fields and are always keen to serve the clients' best interests.


With over 5 years of global market domination, we have raised over $100 million of total funds for more than 100 startups and companies.

Our reliable writers and consultants have a vast history of successful projects with every industry including the modern cryptocurrency industry, NFT marketplace, blockchain firms, and nonprofit organizations, to name a few.

We have won the trust of several reputed companies that can be seen as the clients’ reviews on our website.

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